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MBC Call for Sites

Local Plan/Call for Sites

For updates on how the Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan Review is proceeding please visit for information.

For information regarding the Call for Sites as at 4th November 2019 please visit

Maidstone Borough Council held the first stage of the Local Plan Review on 30th September 2019 focussing on Scoping Themes, Issues and Initial Choices (Regulation 18).  It considered the themes and key issues that the Local Plan Review will need to address.  The Local Plan Review covers: Housing Growth; Economic Growth; Retail and Leisure Growth; Locating growth - initial options and quality of new development.

The Local Plan Review and supporting documents can be viewed on the Borough Council website (link above).

The Call for Sites document was published on 4th November 2019 and all the sites for Maidstone Borough can be viewed at

3 sites have been put forward in the Broomfield and Kingswood Parish , numbers 065 - The Finches Caravan Park, 104 - Gowan Farm and 120 - Broomfield Eco Village.

Maidstone Borough Council are now in the process of analysing all of the sites across the Borough and it is envisaged this information might be available late 2020.