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59 Bus Service


The budget for supported bus services in 2021/22 was £6M net. For the financial year 2022/23 and to support the council achieve a balanced budget, the net budget for supported bus services is proposed to decrease by £2.2M. Accounting for planned inflation, the net budget for 22/23 will be £4.3M. To achieve the net budget will require a significant number of supported bus contracts to be reviewed for withdrawal, in excess of the £2.2M proposed saving, should this be approved as part of the Full County Council meeting in February 2022 when the budget is to be considered. Bus contracts have been reviewed using the KCC criteria. It is proposed to run public consultation on the measures proposed from early February through March 2022, with implementation of contract termination from the end of July 2022 after appropriate notice has been given and due governance observed. 

The number 59 bus service is one of the services under review and the service could potentially be cancelled all together! 

Kent County Council (KCC) is currently consulting on proposals to make savings by reducing the money we spend on providing some bus services that private bus companies cannot afford to run, and which are no longer cost effective. We are carrying out this consultation to listen to your feedback.

This consultation closes at midnight on 20 April. Please visit Bus Funding Reduction | Let’s talk Kent

Executive Decision report (

The number 59 service was taken over from Arriva by Nu-Venture on the 1st of November 2021. Please see timetables below. 

The school number 59 bus service remains with Arriva. 


Kent County Council have launched a new opportunity for passengers to tell Kent County Council about their experiences of using the bus services.

They have a new Bus Feedback Portal available at where people can provide details on their experiences of the services they use.

This information can then be used by the council to try and improve services through its Quality Bus Partnerships and conversations with bus operators.

Please do use this to report any issues with the 59 bus.

The bus pilot is still running and residents are encouraged to use it.

***UPDATE APRIL 2021***
A Kent County Council inspector attended to monitor the bus service. The inspector agreed that the service is poor and Kent County Council have apologised. Kent County Council have been in contact with Arriva. Arriva will be monitoring the service and Kent County Council have a meeting next month with them to discuss. Residents are encouraged to contact the Clerk if the service remains poor or alternatively use the link above to contact Kent County Council directly. 

Nu-Venture have taken over the 59 service as of the 1st of November 2021. The 59 school service remains with Arrive. 
The bus pilot is still running therefore please continue to provide any feedback using the portal. 

Broomfield & Kingswood Parish Council Bus Timetable
Broomfield & Kingswood Parish Council Bus Timetable
Broomfield & Kingswood Parish Council Bus Timetable